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Please write into order notes: 1) Branch length (maximum 59 inches (150 cm),maximum for birch 55.1 inches (140 cm)) 2) The length of the hanging system (vertical distance between the ceiling and the branch). For example: If you have 8 ft ceiling (2.43 meters) the perfect length for hanging system is 28.7 inches (73 cm). A new space to hang and display your favorite frocks, jackets, blouses, shirts and accessories. First. we found this amazingly shaped branch lying in our country home. We took it all the way back to our apartment in Tallinn. Then, we hung it between two metal chains that I attached to the ceiling with hooks and… Voila! A new storage solution! Clothes racks are available in different colors: White, hazelnut, birch or as any color you would like. Please notice, that all the branches are from the nature and the colour may vary. For example, birch branches may have light orange tone. To keep the branches as natural as possible, then there are no protective coats used, execept the white or black branch. The hanging system is also choosable: rope, wire rope, white rope, black rope, chains The clothing rack attaches to ceiling using two hooks, which are screwed into plastic dowels. Plastic dowels are placed into pre-drilled holes. The hooks and dowels are included with the rack. Maximum load 100 lbs. Shipping wordlwide! Seen on pictures: Branch length: 55.1 inches (140cm) Color: Birch Hanging system: Rope Ready to ship in 14 days. If you are in a hurry, then use the Rush my order listing. https://www.etsy.com/listing/255817835/rush-my-order

- July 20, 2017

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Sometimes you need to take a pause moment to reset, reflect and reorganise. No matter how busy you get, putting aside 15 minutes each day to gather your tasks, set your priorities and plan your day will do so much for your productivity and wellbeing. Thats why we love our new Pause Personal Planner. Featuring classic smooth leather and a soothing polka dot design, its perfect for adding positivity and calm to your days. Be inspired to customise yours with these fun ideas.Youll need…Pause Personal PlannerPostcard SetAdhesive Note SetB6 Printed NotepadB5 To Do List PadAdhesive DotsCute Diary and StickersMetal Rollerball PenInspire yourself dailyOpening your planner each day and being greeted by inspiring quotes and a style you love will do so much to motivate and uplift you. Choose your favourite Postcard designs and add them to the front divider tab and pocket. Then use the little notepad provided to write down notes on the go.Set your weekly prioritiesYour calendar pages are the perfect place to see all of your tasks, reminders and priorities at a glance. We used the stickers from our favourite Cute Diary and the Printed Notepad to highlight important dates and decorate. We then created a mini to do list with another sheet from the Printed Notepad.Enjoy the little thingsAs important as it is to remind yourself of work and study tasks, its also important to prioritise your goals and wellbeing. We used a folded sheet from our To Do List Pad to write a list of wellbeing activities. Keeping this in your planner is a great way to remind yourself to take some time for your self care.We hope you have fun decorating and organising your Pause Planner. Dont forget to share your ideas with kikkiKPlannerLove.Shop all Planners.

- July 20, 2017

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