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As we always like to innovate for our readers of Maison Valentinas blog, we have brought the most engaged bathroom design ideas for the newlyweds. Doesn’t it seem like the kitchen gets all the love when it comes to building your Wedding Gift Registry? What about poor bathroom!? After all, lovers deserve luxury bathrooms to begin their life together. Getting married is the ideal time to give your space a little update so you can feel like proper adults when you’re brushing your teeth together for the first time as newlyweds. We’ve got five easy tips to keep in mind as you add bathroom items to your Gift Registry. Everyone’s list should be to get organized. Even if you don’t have a ton of storage in your luxury bathroom, you can keep things neat with different jars and storage canisters. We love the classic feel of glass apothecary jars for showcasing more visually appealing bits, but these ceramic Silo Canisters are great for storing all sorts of things that neither you or your betrothed want to look at every day, is a awesome decorating ideas . And the Willoughby Tray is perfect for keeping everything tidy on your counter. (PS. it’s definitely one of our top Gift Registry picks, specifically for it’s versatility!) See also: Mini Bathtub Ideas for Small Bathrooms Add a few small things to your Gift registry to help you relax and enjoy your new life as marrieds! If you have the space to create a nook in your bathroom for something luxurious like floral bath salts or a scented candle, do it! Make your luxury bathroom, a perfect environment for passion! We love the Montana jar for storing and displaying loads of pretty salts and a simple wire basket for keeping washcloths neat. And one of the most important things to keep in mind, for any room in the house but especially the ensuite bathroom, don’t forget to add life. A few pops of greenery nestled into interesting pots suddenly make a boring bathroom feel fresh and alive. And by adding height with the Dundee Floor Planter, you’ll have plenty of room to store your new towels in a beautiful basket. Because brand new matching towels on your Gift Registry is a total luxury that every bride deserves. See more: 20 Decorating Ideas for Bathroom Sets Finally, we love the idea of making your captivating ensuite bathroom feel thoughtful and lived in by hanging art on the walls. These beautiful brass Hendry frames add just a touch of elegance to even a less refined print or photo. Add a few in different sizes to your Gift Registry because we promise you’ll use them throughout your house. Wedding photo, anyone? Glass canisters / Fringe Grey Bath Towels / Holden vase / Ambrosia candle / Small Wire Basket / Montana Jar / Dundee Floor Planter / Willoughby Tray / Hendry Frame / Hagen Tall Vase / Ultra Spa Bath Rug / Set of 4 Silo Canisters / Oval Basket It really doesnt take much to turn a normally sort of sterile space in a beautiful retreat for you and your hubs or wife! Let us assume that there is something more luxury in our lives, than when we are in love! Is not true? Did you feel inspired to prepare your Wedding Gift Registry with this article? Leave your comment below and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! | Maison Valentina Luxury Bathrooms

- December 2, 2017

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Sometimes you need to take a pause moment to reset, reflect and reorganise. No matter how busy you get, putting aside 15 minutes each day to gather your tasks, set your priorities and plan your day will do so much for your productivity and wellbeing. Thats why we love our new Pause Personal Planner. Featuring classic smooth leather and a soothing polka dot design, its perfect for adding positivity and calm to your days. Be inspired to customise yours with these fun ideas.Youll need…Pause Personal PlannerPostcard SetAdhesive Note SetB6 Printed NotepadB5 To Do List PadAdhesive DotsCute Diary and StickersMetal Rollerball PenInspire yourself dailyOpening your planner each day and being greeted by inspiring quotes and a style you love will do so much to motivate and uplift you. Choose your favourite Postcard designs and add them to the front divider tab and pocket. Then use the little notepad provided to write down notes on the go.Set your weekly prioritiesYour calendar pages are the perfect place to see all of your tasks, reminders and priorities at a glance. We used the stickers from our favourite Cute Diary and the Printed Notepad to highlight important dates and decorate. We then created a mini to do list with another sheet from the Printed Notepad.Enjoy the little thingsAs important as it is to remind yourself of work and study tasks, its also important to prioritise your goals and wellbeing. We used a folded sheet from our To Do List Pad to write a list of wellbeing activities. Keeping this in your planner is a great way to remind yourself to take some time for your self care.We hope you have fun decorating and organising your Pause Planner. Dont forget to share your ideas with kikkiKPlannerLove.Shop all Planners.

- July 20, 2017

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