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Betonlampe Hängelampe [T1] Lampe Gold ausgefallen – *[T1]* Die triangulierte Hängelampe [T1] wird aus grauem Beton gegossen. Sie vereint edles Gold mit rauem Beton zu einer zeitlosen und außergewöhnlichen Designerleuchte. Durch die hochwertige Ve…

- August 26, 2018

<img class="alignnone wp-image-img4309" src="http://minimalinteriordesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/betonlampe-h-ngelampe-t1-lampe-gold-ausgefallen---t1-die-triangulierte-h-ngelampe-t1-wird-aus-grauem-beton-gegossen.-sie-vereint-edles-gold.jpg" alt="Betonlampe Hängelampe Lampe Gold ausgefallen - ** Die triangulierte Hängelampe wird aus grauem Beton gegossen. Sie vereint edles Gold mit rauem ... Read More

Large, candy colored squid hanging planter. This amusing planter is strung by steel cables with a loop on the top and in the squid. An air plant is easily attached with a small wire that is on the inside loop. Make a stunning display with a pod of squid. This squid is brilliant orange with a white eye. The squid come in red, purple, turquoise blue, orange and black and white polka dots. This purchase is for one squid, air plant and instructions. The squid is aprox. 6 1/2 long. The steel cable is aprox. 16 long. The squid is durable and can be hung outside. The plant is attached with a small wire, included with the squid. This planter comes with an air plant! The air plant is similar to the plant in the photo. Your purchase will come with instructions on how to take care of your air plant. Why send flowers that will die, when you can send a living plant and a wildly unique squid planter? Send a squid to your sweetheart. Send a squid to cheer someone up. Send a squid for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations. Squids are for every occasion! Air plants are easy to take care of and they do not need to be planted. They thrive at the office, at home, in a bright bathroom, even on sheltered porches. They like bright, filtered light, avoid direct sunlight. They like good air circulation. The like humid climates, and should be soaked 2-3 times a week, spray between soakings. The like the temp to be between 45*-95*. Use 1/4 strength orchid fertilizer once a month from Mar-October. International and out of state buyers are responsible for their local Sales Tax or Value Added Tax. These taxes may be collected by the post office or customs. WE SHIP AIR PLANTERS INTERNATIONALLY, AIR PLANTS CAN NOT BE SHIPPED INTERNATIONALLY. All designs, descriptions, photos, and creative contents are copyrighted © by Cindy and James Searles 2014-2015. All rights reserved. Hip hip Hooray. Your purchase is fired by the sun. We have made the switch to solar energy. Our kilns and studios are solar powered. follo us on instagram cjsearles Like us on Facebook and see how life is in Occidental, CA. https://www.facebook.com/CindySearlesCeramics www.cindysearles.com

- July 20, 2017

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